Flexi Time Recording Software in Australia

Flex Planner is a cloud based time recording and flexi time system available to users globally, and used by organisations and business across Australia.

Our flex time software enables you to:

  • Record working time by clocking in and out, or manually entering time
  • Enter annual leave/holidays, sickness and any other type of event you want to record
  • Approval mechanism so managers and administrators can approve staff time entries
  • Ongoing calculation of flexi time balance, surplus and deficit
  • Apply flexi time rules such as minimum lunch break, earliest start and end times, core hours
  • Configure different working hours for full and part time staff Free setup by our experienced staff, and free no obligation trial

Flexi time working arrangements are very common across Australian organisations and is beginning to become the norm.  Read more about flexible working on fairwork.gov.au.

If you would like to do a free, no obligation trial of our flexi time recording product, please email us contact@flexitimeplanner.com and we can set it up for you.