About our Flexi time system

An overview of how a flexi time system works

In the past, flexitime was mainly associated with the public sector. However, now more and more companies are realising the benefits of flexitime and schemes have been put in place by banks and other financial institutions, insurance companies, hospitals, solicitors and accounting practices among others.

The system is designed to offer employees more flexibility in the workplace. With more and more emphasis being placed on work life balance, organisations must define procedures to support employees. One way to do this is by implementing flexitime.

Our software acts as a time bank, accumulating employees attendance and managing employee absence. It also applies your organisation’s flexi time rules to this time bank, making sure staff take minimum required lunches, don’t falsify their time records, round time correctly when required and much more.

No Additional Hardware and No Client Software Installs

Flex Planner requires no additional and often expensive hardware, such as time recording terminals and clocking in cards. The system has been specifically developed for computer based staff and everything is accessible via a user’s web browser.