Flexi Time System Benefits

Whether you are thinking of implementing a flexi time scheme in your organisation, or you have an existing flexi time scheme using paper forms or electronic spreadsheets, Flex Planner will be of great use to you. Flex Planner provides the following benefits:

  • Stores all employees working hours in a central location, easily accessible anytime, anywhere.
  • Ensures employees are compelled to keep a record of their working hours
  • Members of a team can view when other employees in the team are signed in, ensuring visibility of working hours entered
  • Enforces your flexi time rules across your organisation, such as earliest start times, minimum lunch etc Keeps a running total of flexi time surplus or deficit. Warns users when exceeding maximum deficits and removes any excess surplus
  • Makes your flexi time policy visible to all employees so all users are aware of the policies in place
  • Enables you to record hours of both flexi time and non-flexi time employees. For example if you have contractors working for you who might not be on a flexi time scheme you can use this system to monitor their time and output timesheets
  • Keeps track of flexi leave, annual leave and sickness
  • Log requests for annual leave can then be referred to and approved by managers prior to posting – significantly reducing time and effort in the management of the scheme
  • No time recording hardware required. Web based system – no installations required on user’s PCs
  • Helps manage home based workers

Regulates Time Input Ensures workers cannot falsify their time worked

Where flex time schemes are operated on paper forms and via disparate spreadsheets, it is very easy for employees to fabricate the time they have worked. Indeed in some organisations it is common practice and one of the main reasons employers are reluctant to implement flexi time schemes.

At its most basic level this falsification might be favourable rounding of times, at the other end of the scale it involve users not deducting lunch times, and adding hours to their totals or not declaring flexi leave.

Flex Planner eradicates these problems by enforcing users to log in and out. Time cannot be fabricated by changing the clock on their local machine since it is calculated on the Flex Planner server.

Managers can quickly and easily view the timesheets of anyone in their teams, or acros the organisation. The system also lets members of a team view when others are logged in, thus enabling peer reviews of each others time entries.

We estimate that the cost of buying the software will be very quickly reclaimed in lost employees hours, normally within a few of weeks of implementation.