Cloud Service vs Install Inhouse

Cloud service

With the cloud service, users will access the Flex Planner system via our web site, using a web browser such as Chrome, Firefox, Internet Explorer or Edge.  No installations are required on your organisation's PCs, and we will provide all the infrastructure required to run the service.

There is a monthly per user fee to provide this service, which can be paid monthly, three monthly, 6 monthly or annually.  As part of the price we provide you with free system setup and configuration, ongoing technical support by email or phone, system enhancements and database backups.

Install Inhouse

With the inhouse installation, you need to have a Windows web server on which you will install the Flex Planner software.  Users will access the service via a web browser such as Chrome, Firefox, Internet Explorer, or Edge using the web address you provide them.

You need to have the following technologies available in house:

  • A windows server eg Windows Server 2012 or above
  • .net Framework installed 4.5 or above - free from Microsoft
  • SQL Server 2012 or above - the free SQL Express Edition may be sufficient if you do not already have a licenced version

The cost to install in house is based on the number of user licences required - please note there is a minimum cost which represents approximately 15 users. 

If necessary we can provide free assistance with the initial installation by remote screen sharing software such as Teamviewer.

There are no further mandatory costs - however if you want to have ongoing support and maintenance for the system, this will be charged at 15% of the total user licences cost per annum.  Annual support and maintenance will provide you with technical support by email or phone and system enhancements.