Flexi time system

Flex Planner is mainly aimed at organisations that have a flexi time policy, although it can be used for those that don’t.  It has been designed to fit the vast majority of flexi time policies that are in use by companies today, and we regularly incorporate new features based on feedback from our users and in order to adapt the system to current working practices.

In terms of flexi time system features it offers the following:

  • Record daily working time by a clocking in mechanism (start/stop work button), or if required it allows users to manually enter their time worked in retrospect.  Users can record as many working sessions in a single day as required
  • Ability to record all other types of event such as annual leave, sickness, flexi leave etc to ensure a user’s flexi time balance is maintained for each working day
  • Provides a weekly/monthly timesheet view so users can view all their historical and future time recordings.  It also allows admins and team leaders to view other user’s timesheet to ensure oversight of time recordings
  • Performs a flexi time balance for each user, which is calculated up to the end of the previous day.  This is displayed on the timesheet screen and there is also the facility for admins/team leaders to view all flexi time balances across the organisation or team
  • Enforces your flexi time policies and rules, such as:
    • Maximum balance surplus and deficits
    • Flexi time accounting period eg 4 weekly, monthly, weekly or anything other accounting period required
    • Users can be restricted from carrying over more than their maximum surplus from one accounting period to the next.  This is done automatically through a negative adjustment on their timesheet
    • Earliest allowable start time eg 7am, and latest end time eg 7pm – time recordings can be restricted so that they can’t be entered outside these times thus preventing large accruals of flexi balance on single days
    • Enforce minimum break requirement for lunch and other breaks.  For example you can set a minimum lunch of 30 minutes and the system will ensure a user takes the minimum amount.  You can required that breaks are taken between specific times eg between 12 and 2pm, or that they can be taked anytime throughout the day.  Lunch deductions are made through negative adjustments on users timesheet
    • Set latest start time eg 10am and earliest end times eg 4pm.  You can then use reporting to highlight user’s that are getting in late or finishing early
  • Allows you to configure required working hours for both full time and part time staff.  Eg set a user’s working days to be full time such as Monday – Friday 35 hours per week, or 37 hours, 37.5 hours etc.  You can then have part timers who only work, say Monday-Wednesday.
  • Team leaders and system administrators have oversight of all user’s time recordings, timesheets and flexi time balances, which allows you ensure they recording their time properly and are maintining their flexi balance according to your policies

The above features mean that Flex Planner can be easily configured to fit the vast majority of flexi time policies around.  Please note that we can do all the initial setup and configuration to fit your company’s needs.