Project Time Recording

Whilst flex planner is largely aimed at organisations who want to record flexi time, they may also want to record which projects or tasks they were working on. 

 The projects time recording features can be used whether your organisation does flexi time or not, and provides the ability for organisations to record their time against client acounts, projects, tasks etc.  The feature can be turned on only if you require it and you can select specific users who you want to record their time against projects, clients or tasks.

  • When setting up the feature, a system administrator can choose the naming convention of what they want time recorded against eg a project, a client, or task for example.  Configuration allows a single level of time recording hiearchy eg Project, or multiple levels eg Project> Client, or Project> Task, Project> Sub Project for example.
  • When recording working time, users will then be able to choose, a particular Project and Sub Project for example
  • Using the clocking in and out mechanism, users can assign their time to a project when they clock out
  • A system administrator or projects administrator configure a list of projects/clients and then these can be used by users to assign their time against.  If you have a large number of projects they can be imported from an Excel spreadsheet
  • End users have a quick and easy interface for assigning their time to the correct project
  • Users can search for projects to assign time to or select from a list and sublist if required
  • Users can split a single recorded evening into multiple projects.  eg if they record that they have worked from 9.00-17.00 they can allocate that time to multiple different projects
  • Run reports by user, team and for projects to ascertain totals worked on projects