Features of our flexi time system/software

Brief summary of features

  • Record working time by clocking in and out, or manually entering time
  • Enter annual leave/holidays, sickness and any other type of event you want to record
  • Approval mechanism so managers and administrators can approve staff time entries
  • Team/departmental leave calendar for annual leaver and sickness
  • Ongoing calculation of flexi time balance, surplus and deficit
  • Apply flexi time rules such as minimum lunch break, earliest start and end times, core hours
  • Configure different working hours for full and part time staff
  • Assign time to projects, clients or tasks and report on project durations
  • Record location on work time recordings eg home, office etc
  • Free setup by our experienced staff, and free no obligation trial
  • Web/Cloud based, accessible in Google Chrome, Firefox, Edge etc - no installs on user's PC's required

Features in detail

Working Time Entry/Recording

  • Start Work and Stop Work buttons used daily to ensure staff accurately record their time
  • Manual entry of working time retrospectively if required
  • You can have as many working event types as you want eg working time, meetings, overtime, staff events, study time
  • Time rounding, if necessary, to 5 minutes, 10 minutes and 30 minutes, rounded up or down
  • Automatic closing of working sessions if user fails to click on Stop Work button at the end of the day
  • Record notes against time sheet entries
  • Auditing of time entered - records IP address location of where the entry was made, what time entered and by who
  • Useable by both flexi time users and non flexi users (eg contractors etc)
  • In addition timesheet "adjustments" can be made where event entries have been incorrect on a particular day eg +1 hour adjustment etc

View timesheet screen and add event screen.

Annual Leave, Sickness and Other Leave

  • Allows entry of annual leave, sickness and all other types of leave (maternity leave, study leave, etc - you can configure as many different types of leave as you want)
  • Easy entry of leave events - events will fill up the hours in a user's day or half day according to the hours required by their working schedule
  • Leave requests go for approval to timesheet administrators or managers
  • Team leave calendar view shows the whole team and when they are off to enable easy planning and approval of leave requests
  • Store annual leave allowance and carried over leave for each staff member
  • Single screen for each user that shows their booked leave, leave taken and remaining
  • Reporting to display status of leave for all users across the organisation
  • Bulk transfer of leave allowance and carried over leave from one year to the next

View add annual leave screen example.

Approvals of Timesheets

  • When an event (working or leave) is entered it can go for approval to team leaders/managers or system administrators
  • Emailing of approval request when approval request is made or approval given
  • Approvers get a dashboard of all pending approvals so events can easily be approved
  • Approval requests can be sent to either named individuals, system administrators or managers/team leaders
  • In addition timesheet periods can also be approved. Users can submit their timesheets for approval and an approver can sign off the timesheet period.
  • Time sheet lockdown - staff timesheets can be locked down for change once the timesheet period is submitted, or alternatively after a specified period eg a week, a month, or a previous flexi period.  This ensures they cannot change historic time

View example approval screen.

Timesheet Calendar View

  • Employee timesheet is the central home page of the system
  • Timesheet displays all events in a calendar view, showing totals worked for each day and week
  • Flexi time balance displayed at all time, showing surplus or deficit
  • Clickable calendar to easily add events, working item or leave
  • Visibility of flexi time policy from timesheet so users know the rules
  • Running total of today's time recorded throughout the day
  • Timesheet can be viewed by monthly, 4 weekly or weekly view
  • Managers can see the timesheets of their team members

View timesheet screen shot.

Flexi Time Balance Calculations

  • Ongoing flexi time balance calculation updated daily or whenever timesheet entries are made
  • Balance for all users displayed in graphical bar, showing surplus (green) or deficit (red)
  • Insufficient lunch deductions - automatic deductions to balances made when user does not take sufficient lunch breaks
  • Maximum carry over surplus - maximum allowable carry over over surplus at end of flexi accounting period - automatic deductions made if surplus is exceeded
  • Team balance statuses - ability for managers to see the flexi balance of all team members in a single view

Configure Your Flexi Time Policies

  • Flexi time templates enable you to configure your corporate flexi policy
  • Set normal daily hours eg 7hrs, 7hrs 30 etc
  • Accounting periods such as monthly, 4 weekly, weekly, 3 monthly and more
  • Set maximum surplus and deficits eg 15 hours surplus, 7hrs deficit
  • Set core hours, such as earliest start and end times, lunch hours, and latest start and earliest end times
  • Enforce minimum break time/ lunch times.  Time sheet deductions are made if minimum break times are not met
  • Prevent users from recording time outside core hours if required
  • Unlimited flexi templates for your different working patterns, such as full and part time workers
  • Reporting on breaches made to flexi time rules

View flexi time template configuration screen 1, and screen 2.

Team Planning & Leave Planning

  • Manager's can see timesheets of all staff in their team, and also view their flexi balance calcualtions and sign in times
  • All users can see a leave calendar of the whole team, to enable easy planning of time off
  • Managers and system administrators can run reports across the organisation or restricted to just their team
  • Events can be entered for the team or organisation at once, rather than just individuals - good for entering national holidays, or staff events
  • Automatic population of national holidays/bank holidays

View leave planner screen and team view screen.

Assign Time To Projects/Clients/Tasks

  • Recorded time can be assigned to projects, clients or tasks
  • Using clocking in and out and assign the time when clocking out
  • Configure a list of projects/clients and allow users to assign their time to them
  • Quick and easy user interface for assigning time
  • Run reports by user, team and for projects to ascertain totals worked on projects


TOIL and Overtime

  • Record Overtime worked, with approval required
  • Record Time Off In Lieu (TOIL) banked and TOIL taken
  • Configure the system to record any type of time recording event, from study leave, meetings and other events


Mobile Smartphone Access

  • Slimmed down version of web application which displays well on mobile smart phones
  • Mobile version displays timesheet of a user's recorded events
  • It allows events such as working time, annual leave, sickness and all other events to be entered
  • Displays a current flexi time balance for the user
  • Allows the user to click on the Start Work and Stop Work buttons
  • Can be limited to only be accessible when the mobile smartphone is on your work's wifi network (this blocking access from outside work)
  • The mobile version is not an app in the app stores, rather a simplified version of the web application - no installs necessary

View mobile view screen.

 Security & Permissions

  • Configurable security with different roles eg normal users, team leaders/managers and system administrators
  • Managers have access to all timesheet data for their team members
  • Granular permissions to restrict how users can edit their timesheets eg approvals required, no approvals required
  • Restrict users so they can only enter working events through the Start Work and Stop Work buttons - ensures accuracy of recordings
  • Only allow access to the system from your workplace if necessary



  • A range of different reports available which can be exported to Excel
  • Users can run reports on themselves, managers can run reports on their teams, system administrators can run reports across the organisation
  • Run reports on staff flei time status and balances
  • Calculate flexi balances on dates in the past
  • Run totals reports on annual leave, sickness etc for analysis
  • Flexi rules breaches reports, such as users who are starting too late or finishing too early
  • Raw data export reports - export raw event data such as working time recorded for calculating hours for pay

Setup and Administration

  • Quick and easy setup - Flex Planner staff can do all the setup required, such as flexi time policies, users, team, approcals setup and more
  • Once setup you can do the administration of users, flexi time templates etc yourself, or come back to us to assist
  • System admin roles have full access to configure all parts of the system
  • Technical support and help provided by email or phone

Other Features

  • Recording of user location eg Home working, London office, Offsite, etc.  Currently users choose their location when recording working times (rather than it being automatically detected)
  • Synchronisation of events/appointments with Microsoft Outlook so they are displayed in Outlook calendar.  There are two methods for this - either a user can import the events into their Outlook calendar or it can be done through Internet Calendar (ICS) feed
  • Banking of time - time can be allocated to a bank and then flexi leave can be booked off from that bank
  • Integration with Microsoft Dynamics HR to synchronise leave booked.  Additional integrations with HR systems can be programmed at cost
  • API - the system has an api you can program against in order to automate you internal processes